Stephen Tiano

“I have worked with Steve since 2009 on two lengthy books (one 284 pages and the other 302 pages). These books included illustrations, front-matter and a lot of "embellishments" to make the text stand out. He has been unfailingly professional and a pleasure to work with.

I feel like he gives me—the author—the "alternatives" (font, page size, leading, all the other technical stuff); and then he lets me choose what I think works best. So I really feel like I have gotten the books I wanted, with the "look" that was best for each project.

In the process, I have learned so much about books and what makes a book readable (or not!). I would heartily recommend Steve for your project.”

— Holly Maholm, Author-Publisher


Another illustrated children's storybook, the first in a series, on which I worked. The task was again to arrange the illustrations with the text in a way that's seamless in the telling of the story.

Additionally, I worked with a mind toward establishing a look that would serve the succeeding books in the B.E.L.L. Pack series.

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