On gapingvoid’s “Reclaim Blogging”: Why I’m Giving Up Twitter and Facebook

August 20th, 2011

I just read a very interesting piece on the blog, gapingvoid. In it cartoonist Hugh MacLeod makes his case for why he decided to leave Facebook and Twitter. Initially he states that the, arguably, big two of social media are “too easy” and blogging is “too easy.” The implication, I guess, is that coming up with well-written, relevant blog pieces will suffer because it is easier to tweet 140 characters and post updates to Facebook.

A far more salient point, however, is that the content we tweet and post, becomes theirs, once we tweet and post it. Make no mistake how important an issue this is. Hugh says it very clearly,

“The content on your blog, however, belongs to you, and you alone. People come to your online home, to hear what you have to say, not to hear what everybody else has to say. This sense of personal sovereignty is important.”

Along with that “sense of personal sovereignty,” we give up the value of our thoughts, ideas, and words once we tweet them or post them to Facebook.

That all said, there are certain things that I use Twitter for. Most important to me is that I have cultivated Twitter conversations into professional friendships and, in some instances, paying book design and page composition work.

Aside from my grandgrrrls in California and old friends from elementary school, for Facebook I have no excuse.

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