Me and MOBI, Part Two (of “eBooks and I”)

October 18th, 2009

Even with Adobe’s relatively straightforward instructions, getting to view a document I translated from Adobe InDesign to a format compatible with the is a bit of a project. For one thing, I do not own a Kindle. What I do have is an iPod Touch, a birthday gift that is already well-used in a number of ways.

And so I have been working with Adobe’s free utility, Digital Editions, to translate to EPUB, after which I then used the open source program Calibre to move to MOBI. I wanted to translate something a little more complex, with some pictures, after doing a straight text document in Part 1. Here are two pages:

Picture 1

Picture 2

I can see where this process is not a cakewalk with more complex documents, never mind whole books. I am left with a few things that I want to do better, so that an eBook on a Kindle looks more like a real book:

  • headings that stand out more like display heads
  • bullet list with aligned turnovers and no extra space between items
  • running heads

What I have learned from this process so far: I expect the list will grow as I work with more documents; I am certainly not ready for prime-time; and I don’t imagine I will look for eBook projects anytime soon.

Add one last layer of difficulty before I end this: displaying my eBook file. I do not own a Kindle. I do, however, own an iPod Touch. I have the Kindle on iPhone/iPod Touch app installed. But I’ve yet to figure how to get the MOBI file onto the Touch. It does not work to try to install via iTunes, as iTunes does not recognize the format. And emailing the file as an attachment does not work, because even though I can read the email, I cannot figure how to open the attachment in the Kindle app.

I am sorry I cannot yet tie up the InDesign-to-Kindle process with a neat bow. This bears further investigation.

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