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I’ve said many times before—though maybe not on this blog, or even in relation to book design work and freelancing—that, despite how driven I am to achieve whatever I do under my own power, I do subscribe to the old sports saying

Better to be lucky than good.

At the same time, I believe we can manufacture our own good luck by working at it. And sometimes it’s a combination of the two.

Yesterday, my wife Nannette (who is a working artist herself) and I had lunch at one of our favorite places out here on the north fork of Long Island and then headed farther out to Greenport to check out a gallery or two, because Nannette is considering finding a gallery where she can show and sell her work.

The first place we stopped in was a workspace and gallery for a woman who was nice enough to discuss some of the ins and outs of how galleries operate. She really gave Nannette a lot of information and things to think about. She also directed her to a gallery a short drive away, where the director is strongly pro-art and pro-artist.

So off we went.

We found this second place easily and had a nice conversation with the owner-director.

Now, it happens that I am very fortunate to have a wife who is always promoting me, mentioning that I am a freelance book designer wherever we go—even when she is looking to promote her own work. She brought me up to the director of the second gallery, who turned to me and said that was interesting, as he was just thinking about putting together books of the works of artists he represented. And we will discuss that further soon.

That, boys and girls, is an example of Serendipity.


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