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Even When I’m Busy … I Wait

Add comment July 1st, 2016

Yesterday I had an email exchange with someone new about a possible children’s book project. She sent me an email initially just asking about my availability and for a price. I sent back my standard, “I’ll make myself available if we can strike a deal.” And I asked my standard handful of questions about the nature of the project and the files she’d make available to me. She asked for a price again, answered most of my questions, said she had attached three illustrations to the latest email, and asked me questions about the usability of the three illustrations. I told her that only three illustrations had been sent.

This exchange took place while I was doing corrections and edits (hopefully, final) on two books.

I finished up the email confab by asking whether she had seen my price. Since then, not a word.

* * *

This morning I woke around nine to find two emails that had been sent about an hour-and-a-half earlier. They were from a woman I did not know, at a company or other entity with which I’d been in contact a week or two earlier. The first email asked if I could speak with her tomorrow, Saturday. I wondered if she realized it would be Saturday. And a holiday weekend, to boot. She must have, as the second was sent immediately after the first and asked whether I was available to speak today.

That was easy: of course, I would speak today. Immediately, if not sooner. Actually, I said that noon would be fine.

By now it should not surprise that I have not received an answer of any kind.

* * *

What is it about the eager ones? The get your attention; and then they shut down. What a way to go into the long weekend!


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