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Where I Am, Where I Am Heading—One of the Things Freelancers Need to Think About

Add comment August 25th, 2015

I have always freelanced with a net—that is, I have run, and continue to run, my book design practice the past 24 years in addition to a full-time day-job in civil service. In fact, I have held the day-job for noticeably longer than 24 years. So I’m now preparing to retire from the day-job, as well as begin collecting social security. But I don’t plan to stop working for myself as a book designer/layout artist.

My issue now is the limits placed on earnings while collecting social security. (This year it’s something like $15,400 or $15,600–I forget exactly which.) I love making books and, as I said, and I do not plan to stop. So I have three options: 1) Continue present rates, earn as much as I earn and if there are penalties, well, that’s the way it goes–pay them; 2) Continue present rates and stop just shy of the amount that would result in penalties; or 3) Lower rates some (at least until age 66, when there will no longer be an earnings limit), perhaps get more work and increase my clientele, think about increasing rates after age 66.

While I have always been against bargain basement rates., I find myself beginning to lean toward option 3, because of the growth possibilities. In these 24 years I have been lucky to work on a wide variety of books, some challenging and some that I felt very strongly about doing my part to help them find their audience. But I continue to look for important books to make—books that may matter to a lot of people, books that matter to me—and I wonder if now is the time to try to increase my volume of work in hopes of finding (or being found by) some “big” books?


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