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What Goes Around, Come Around … Maybe

Add comment March 19th, 2015

Curious thing. Or maybe just what goes around, come around. I mentioned that I was considering–I admit it had actually progressed a little farther than just considering; I was very strongly leaning in favor and giving that impression–a pro bono project. Then something in the way the contact person spoke about having spent previously on the e-version rubbed me wrong. Like they’d pay for some stuff but not for others. Then I switched gears on a dime and tried suggesting an alternate pay method, a royalty on each copy sold. And that was not acceptable. So I wished them well.

What made it easy to walk away from a book I’d really like to have been associated with–just not for free–was that someone contacted me yesterday afternoon, saying she’d been eying me (that is, my work) for some time. As the book sounded interesting, I was pretty happy it had shown up. We still had to come to an agreement and arrive at a price, but I figured that would come—this time I would show more than just a little flexibility if necessary—after I got a look at some of the material.

One of the problems with the first book that the author-publisher wanted done for free or a barter was that there were tons of photos in a non-print format that would have to be opened and changed, in addition to any necessary editing. So the new one would create a username and password for me on the cloud storage service she used and I would be able to have a look at everything in order to put together my proposal including price and milestones. Last night I emailed a reminder that I was waiting for the username and password.

This morning I received an email that things had changed. Her usual “formatter” was now available and would not cost anything, so, of course, she would use him in the first instance.

Now, sure, I was bummed. But this kind of thing happens, I told myself. In fact, I had just kind of done that same thing: pulling up stakes after seeming to be on board with a project. Then I noticed that, although the second potential had an address in one western state, her cellphone area code was not so far from the one I had turned tail on.

A coincidence, I am sure. But maybe it’s the universe sending me a message.

Still All About the Next Project

Add comment March 9th, 2015

I was productive today. I think I’ve about gotten approval on the sample pages for the new book to go final and to template. Still need to wait a few days for the finalized textfiles, and two or three weeks for the art. But it’s good to hear the client say it’s about there on my end.

On the other hand, I heard from two potentials and neither was encouraging. The second, a longshot, as it was a self-publisher looking for a copy editor and I decided to query for the design and layout, simply said, “No. Thanks.” The first was a little more interesting. They asked for a two-page sample using some of the actual material.

I’m always leery about doing anything for free, giving anything away that might be used even though I didn’t get the job. And, frankly, my bullshit detector went off. I don’t believe they were looking for auditions, so much as ideas for making the book. I was more diplomatic than to say that, however.

I essentially told them time was money and mine was too valuable to work for free after over 23 years at this game and nearly 100 books to show for it. I also said time was particularly at a premium, as I was working on a book as we exchanged our emails. I again directed them to the work samples I’d attached to my inquiry and gave them the link to my website one more time, where, I said, they could find samples of actual work I’ve done.

I concluded by saying I still wanted to work their project. It happens that it sounds like more than a single book, but rather a series of them on climate change and water issues. This is important stuff that I would like to be a part of. I also told them that.

I haven’t heard back. But it’s only been a few hours.

In that time I’ve begun to question my behavior. True, I no longer suffer gut-wrenching angst with every rejection. There was a time when each time I failed to get a job I worried that I’d never work again. This time I simply questioned whether I had made the right choice in declining to audition. I mean, if nothing else, it would have been fun. I do, after all, like to create the look of a book and make pages. Then, too, editors–copy editors and substantive editors–do sample edits, no?

I answered myself with the certainty that editing 10 pages of a

manuscript that then get taken for free without a job forthcoming is not something that can be used to make the complete book. A design, however—even just two pages—can contain enough to push a thief into discovery of a book’s whole look.

And that’s where it stands.


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